What is Elliott Wave Signals?
How can I access your free wave charts?
What is the Elliott Wave Principle?
How do I trade using the Elliott Wave Principle?
How can I use your free charts in trading?
I forgot my username and/or password. Can you send me my login details?

Q: What is Elliott Wave Signals?
A: Company Name offers both FREE and premium membership services to our Elliott Wave analysis of the stock market on the web. We provide straight-forward, objective analysis of select world stock market indexes, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and the Dow Jones Industrials' 30 component stocks. Our charts all have short descriptions of the current wave count and the target. We also have tutorials, trading tips, and other resources related to the Elliott Wave Principle.

Q: How can I access your free wave charts?
A: Our free wave charts are openly accessible on the main EWS website. Our main website has three (3) sections that are updated regularly and these are the Short-term Market Outlook, the Charts of the Week, and the Feature Article sections. No registration is required to view these sections. Our members area, on the other hand, contains all our updated charts on the market indices, ETFs, and Dow 30. However, to gain access to our members area, you must first register for our 7-day free trial membership.

Q: What is the Elliott Wave Principle?
A: The Elliott Wave Principle was first discovered in the late 1920s by Ralph Nelson Elliott. He discovered that the "market" does not behave in a chaotic manner; instead, it moves in repetitive cycles, which actually reflect human actions, reactions and emotions caused by exterior influences such as news, whether good or bad, rumors, economic situations, etc. His theory stated that "the ebb and flow of mass psychology" always unfolds in the same basic repetitive patterns. Read more...

Q: How do I trade using the Elliott Wave Principle?
A: The charts found in our website reflect the current wave count of the three major stock indices as a result of our analysis. The general principle for trading the Elliott Waves is to trade in the direction of the trend.

This means trading the waves 1, 3, 5, A and C. However, since the Elliott Wave Principle is not an exact science, it is usually difficult to determine exactly where the trends end until after sometime that more data is available and the trend has reversed. It is therefore more advisable to trade only the waves 3, 5, and C, as these waves are generally more identifiable after a trend has been set by waves 1-2 and A-B.

Q: How can I use your charts in trading?
A: Our charts consist of the major stock indices, select ETFs, and the Dow 30. The ETFs and the Dow 30 stocks are directly tradable, as well as their corresponding options. Although the indices are not directly tradable the way stocks are, they have their corresponding options and futures that traders can trade on. These instruments move in exactly the same way that the stock indices move.

Using the same principle for trading waves 3, 5, and C, you may use the charts to identify these tradable waves whenever they occur, and trade accordingly the instrument of your choice.

Note: Trading ETFs, options and futures involve risk and are not suitable for all investors.

Q: I forgot my username and/or password. Can you send me my login details?
A: To retrieve your username and/or password, do the following steps:
     -  Log into your Paypal account
     -  Click on the 'Transaction History' tab
     -  Find your registration transaction with ElliottWaveSignals.com and click on the link
     -  Locate and take note of your ElliottWaveSignals.com login details